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MT-BOX Nokia


MT Box SL3 Local Brute Force Shell v0.4

  • Support for HashCat LBF software v0.5
  • Some bugs fixed

How to Start New Job:
1. Download and install SL3 LBF Shell software
2. Start MTB NK 2.37.3 or higher version
3. Go to SL3 BF compute tab
4. Upload phone to SL3 server using "Read" button in SL3 BF compute tab
5. Cancel phone from calculation queue, double click on phone imei in SL3 BF tab
6. Start MT tool v3.21 or higher version
7. Press "Download Zone" button
8. New browser window appears. We recommend to use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as your default browser.
9. In "SL3 Service" tab click on "Get BF data" then insert imei from canceled phone
10. Check box "I agree my MT Box account to be charged 5 credits (non-refundable) to get SL3 data for local brute force for imei specified above"
11. Press "Get Data" button.
12. You will get necessary data for SL3 LBF Shell software.
13. COPY and SAVE BF data for example:
ighashgpu -t:sha1 -salt:003542250374556200 -h:F8B4D8D05E7C71A7EAB8B12B6FF0B8EBB2B19DDD -uh:00010203040506070809 -min:15 -max:15
14. Start SL3 LBF Shell v0.4 software and paste in first software line (command line)
15. Press Start New Job button
16. Software start to work
17. You can see remaining average time to get code. Calculation time depend from cards you use
18. Please wait to software finish
19. When software finish copy all digits after word Found:
20. Login again via MT tool by pressing "Download Zone" button
21. Go to SL3 service than click "Get Code"
22. Enter calculated data (result from SL3 LBF Shell software) 15 bytes and imei.
23. If all is ok you will get unlock code for this IMEI
How to Stop Job:
1. If you click on Stop Job please wait to software finish already started part of calculation and write results in log file (*bf_job file). All files are saved to SL3 LBF Shell software folder in format "your_phone_imei.bf_job".
How to Resume Job:
1. Start SL3 LBF software then click on Resume Job button
2. Software will ask you for bf_job file
3. Select desired job file and wait to software continue job
Please note:
• Windows 7 or Vista users must RUN software as Administrator. Because of some Windows rigid security restrictions. If not work install software outside Program Files folder.
• GET BF data is paid option. 5 MT Box credits are required to get LBF data
ighashgpu and HashCat CANT be in same folder when you try to use LBF Shell!
• SL3 LBF Shell and ighashgpu.exe must be in same folder OR SL3 LBF Shell and HashCat must be in same folder.
• To able use SL3 Local Brute Force service you need to have minimum 50 credits on your MT Box account
• All support questions regarding SL3 Local Brute Force (hardware requirements etc….) need to be posted in dedicated forum section SL3 Local Brute Force - LBF
• Old version HashCat v0.3 is out from support by their coder and cant be used with latest SL3 Shell v0.4 to
• If you use Avast antivirus please take a look at picture bellow how to grant access to MT software

Download MT-BOX Nokia 0.4

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