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KarwosSuite DCT4/WD2/BB5 v3.1a

1. (Almost) Full support for BB5 phones
2. Added Customization function, this is used to customize phone after flashing with needed WAP/MMS/GPRS, Wallpaper, Menu, Bookmarks, Tones, TLS Certificates, etc. This is experimental function, "CUS" files will be avaiable on support soon.
3. BB5 Certificate is now backed-up on PhoneAttach procedure
4. Reorganised GUI 5. Added support for writing *.BB5 backup files, made by Dejan Unlocker
6. Added function "Enter BB5 Nck". This is used to enter NCK code in phone, if keypad counter is blocked. You have 10 tries
7. Improved Multi-FTDI Configuration
8. Added function for repair Keyboard in RH-9 3510i. Just click tab "Repair" and click on ey1a_06 or ey1a_04 , depending on Your PCB Version, and Keyboard will be repaired
9. Full unicode support for Phonebook dumping (polish ęąłóżć, etc)
10. Added support for parsing new Phonebook items: Push-And-Talk address, UserID, Photo
11. Added support for backing-up new items: TLS-WAP Certificates, JAVA TIKU CONTENT, SMS, Equalizer Settings, Link Delegate, GPRS/WAP Settings, MMS Settings, Static Menu Settings
12. Added \'SMS RECOVERY\' function, this saving all SMS to HTML. Can recovery deleted too i think
13. Internalization support added - soon Translation SDK will be published, so KS3 could be in Your language too.
14. Implemented phonebook dump in phones: ASIC 2xxx DCT4, TIKU;
15. Added support for Phonebook dump for BB5 based phones, Non Symbian based (tested on 6280). Supported Entries: First Name, Surname, Phone Number (Subentries: Common, Cellular, Video Call, Home, Office, Fax),WWW, UserID, PushAndTalk Address, E-Mail, Video SIP, Company, Job Title, Formal Name, Nickname, Address (Subentries: Street, City, State/Prov, Postcode, Country), UserID, Birthday, Note, Photo, Tone, Video.
16. Rewritten PM Write procedures, no more problems with writting bigger PM Objects
17. Fixed "Enable BB5 Downgrade\'" Solution
18. Removed SAFE MODE, PHONE LIST, NEW PHONE CONNECTED Routine, Symbian Attach Timeout. No needed anymore.
19. Saved Certificates/RPLs/PMs have now timestamp to avoid rewriting of broken files.
20. Added FULL SUPPORT for Reading security code in nonsymbian BB5 Phones (Tested on 6280)
21. Added FULL SUPPORT for Writing Security Code in nonsymbian BB5 Phones (Tested on 6280)
22. Added FULL SUPPORT for Reading Security Code Counter in nonsymbian BB5 Phones (Tested on 6280)
23. Added FULL SUPPOT for Writing Security Code Counter in nonsymbian BB5 Phones (Tested on 6280)
24. Added support for reading following Extended Info, on attach: RETU, TAHVO, BOOTCODE VERSION, CAMERA VERSION, Content Package Version, APE Core SW, APE Variant, Ape TST, APE HW, Ape BLUETOOTH, APE ADSP, DVB HW Revision, DVB SW Revision, DVB BOOTLOADER Revision, Simlock Server Revision, Simlock Network, Simlock Active, Simlock Key Count, Simlock FBUS Count, Simlock Stat.
25. Added support for reading "SWITCH-ON" Counter in NonSymbian BB5 Phones, Tested on 6280. This is used to check how many phones was booted, if Lifetimer were erased.
26. Bruteforce reading "SwitchOnCnt" implemented.
27. Fixed many bugs: software hangup when writing Alien PMs, Writing BB5 NCK Code Problems, ProgressBars improved, ProgressBar is moving while writing big PM objects, Fixed double "http" in Phonebook WWW Site dump, Baseband selftests for 1600 and some BB5 corrected, Codes Calculator for DCT4 Improved,
28. Added Support for BB5 Bluetooth Repair (crc)
29. Many other internal changes and other which im don\'t remember.

Full changelog
Check Typhoon Updater

How to update
Since new installer is not yet ready, Run Typhoon Updater and update Your installation.

Update your card firmware to v10 Using Typhoon Key Maintenance Tool. Also to use some BB5 Functions `BB5` service must be activated on card !!!

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