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Federal One - F1


Federal One - F1, NSS.exe Beta

  • Standalone DCT4PLUS unlock/lock/CS repair implemented - supported all phones defined in the Dct4Plus.ini file (1112(b),2610,6030,6060 etc). New versions and models could be supported by updating the ini file and adding new patch definitions in the Dct4Plus folder. Available on all devices(LPT,F1,Nemesis)
  • Standalone unlock/lock support for all DCT4/WD2/TIKU models with static and dinamic session key. Available on all devices(LPT,F1,Nemesis)
  • Proper detection of simlock protection type implemented in DCT4 menu
  • Added support for latest flash loaders pack - 6.44, please update your \'Flash\' directory
  • Fixed bug on NSS crashing while flashing BB5
  • New feature - on rebuilding the security area after BB5 RPL upload, NSS will first try to find a SX4 card plugged locally to the PC, if not then will try to connect to our server
  • BackUp and Restore of the Rap3 certificate implemented. To use just check the backup box in the Certificate BB5 menu. NPC and some important PM values will be saved to .BKP file, for now only NPC will be restored with the \'Write\' button(only F1 device)

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