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Federal One - F1


Federal One - F1, NSS.exe Beta

  • Added BB5 phone RX2 line support for faster flahing.
  • Added support for latest flash loaders pack - 7.16
  • Fixed USB support for E61i and E65
  • Fixed bug on N73 and 6680 read ask file
  • Some small bug fixes on reading BB5 simlock status

clock13-07-2007 18:15commentComments: 0

Federal One - F1, NSS.exe Beta

  • Bug fixed on reading ask files via F1 on N91 and N93
  • Vista support is fully restored
  • Force change to Local Mode implemented on reading BB5 ask files and writing rpl files via USB
  • Changes to PM write in BB5 mode on F1 device - authorization of each transaction implemented, if SX-4 is connected locally will be used for that, otherwise NSS will connect to our server

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Federal One - F1, NSS.exe Beta

  • The Advanced Tab in the Flash Menu got a makeover. Now it is possible to read the phone hw details and make some test on the hardware - ram, cbus, fbus etc, by pressing the Read button.
  • No need to select flash files for that feature, but if you want to erase custom area or upload RPL file, you will need to select at least MCU file in the File Selection Tab

clock12-04-2007 18:32commentComments: 0

Federal One - F1, NSS.exe Beta

  • Read BB5 ask file in USB and FBUS mode will print more detailed information for the process and show errors
  • Bug fix on reading ask file via USB when imei is damaged, now an error will be generated and file will not be saved
  • Bug fix on uploading the RPL file in USB mode when error was shown on succesfull upload

clock15-03-2007 18:35commentComments: 0

Federal One - F1, NSS.exe Beta

  • Standalone DCT4PLUS unlock/lock/CS repair implemented - supported all phones defined in the Dct4Plus.ini file (1112(b),2610,6030,6060 etc). New versions and models could be supported by updating the ini file and adding new patch definitions in the Dct4Plus folder. Available on all devices(LPT,F1,Nemesis)

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Federal One - F1, NSS.exe Beta

  • Bug fix on NPC upload on some phones with large certificate (N80,etc). Affected devices - F1
  • New feature: Rebuild of the BB5 security area. This will replace the need of original equipment to fix problems caused by damaged PM, erased flash, changed flash, Security WD shutdown in 2 min during call, ST_SECURITY failed, etc.

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