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Samsung Rocker v1.38

  • Added \'QC_IMEI\' model (Qualcomm \'IMEI not active\' repair option)
  • Added support for following new models:
  • B2710, B3210L, B3410i, B3410L, B3410R, B5510,
  • C3050L, C3300i, C3510L,
  • E210B, E1080W, E1083C, E1150i, E1160, E1160i, E1170i, E1172, E1210S, E1220, E1310S, E2210T,
  • F268, F270, F270L, F275L, F278,
  • I777, I896, I897, I917, I997, I5500B, I5500L, I5500_A, I55 03, I5503T, I5508, I5510_A, I5800_A, I9000, I9003, I9003L, I9008, I9010, I9018, I9020, I9023, I9100, I9103, I9103L, I9108,
  • J750i, J808E,
  • L760W, L708E,
  • M300V, M2510L, N7000,
  • P1000, P1010, P7100, P7500, P7500C,
  • S3100C, S5230L, S5360, S5360B, S5360C, S5360L, S5363 S5578, S5578_A, S5660, S5660L, S5660M, S5660V, S5660_A, S5670, S5670B, S5670L,S5670_A, S5830, S5830B, S5830C, S5830D, S5830L, S5830T, S5830_A, S5838,
  • T499, T499V, T499Y, T759, T839, T849, T939, T959, T959D, T959V, T969V
  • Fixed few bugs
  • Added new cable info "USB|UART" = usb or uart(special, like: s7070)

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LG2G Rocker v1.48

  • Global:
  • 82 models added to supported list.
  • Little changed format of file name for backup.
  • Now search editbox extended to 8 chars for phones with long name like MG230Ngo.
  • To time in name added seconds(to avoid rewrite file with same name during fast operations).
  • Fixed error messages which appears in case save backup from phone with damaged IMEI.
  • For support also added flashes in .SRE format.
  • Protection moved to SLOT12 ! ! !

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LG2g Rocker v1.47

  • Added 58 new models to supported list. 30, A133, A133Go, T310, T310i, T310n, C300, C300go, C305, GB280, MG161a, MG160a, MG160b, MG370A,
    MG370b, GX200, G1800, KG190, KG195, KG198, C1300, C1300i, C1500, C2000, CG225, F7200, F7250, F9100, F9200, G4010, G4011, G4015, G4050, G5500, G7000, G7000a, G7050, G7200, G7250, G920, L1100, L1150, L1400, L1400i, L5100, MG130, MG150, MG155, MG180, MG180c, MG185c, MG200, MG210d, MG220d, T5100, W7000, W7020.
  • Dramatically increased search phones feature speed.
  • Rebuild GUI for much more fast response.
  • Changed erase feature behaviour for Infineon based models.
  • Fixed Go Support button behaviour.

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Samsung Rocker v1.36

  • New models support added: A177, A226, A227, A237, A256, A257, A436, A437, C3300, C3303, E1070C, E1070M, E1110, E1110C, E1112, E1117, E1360, E1360S, E2120i, E2121, E2121b, E230L, E2370, E250w, F488E, S3600L, S5600T, T219, T219S, T239, T249, T309, T329, T336, T339, T349, T369, T401, T409, T439, T456, T459, T509, T809, U708E, U800E, U808E
  • Qualcom based phones flashing is being rewritten (report any problems please)
  • Broadcom3 based phones flashing added
  • Some of the bugs fixed
  • Windows Vista and Windows7 compatibility improved


Download ROCKER Dongle 1.36

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Samsung Rocker v1.35

  • Added new models :
  • S3650W, S3653C, S3650M, S3650O, S3653M, S3653W, S5233W, S5230S, S5233T, S5233G, S5233C, S7070, S7070C, S7070M, S7070R, S7070W, S3650, S3650C, S3650H, S3653, S5230, S5230C, S5230G, S5230W, S5230Y, S5233, S5233A, S5233S, S3310, S5150, E1070, E1075, E1075L, E1153, E1170, E1175T, E1080i,E1086, E1086L
  • E2120L, E1125T, E2152
  • B3410, B3410C
  • i5800, i5801, i5700L
  • T139, T669
  • C3300K, C3303K
  • J700 -->>

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LG2g Rocker v1.46

  • Added LG T300, LG GX500, LG GX300, LG GS170, Samsung C3200 Unlock code read support
  • Added LG MTK phones partial support
  • Added Beta support for LG Infineon models via USB Test mode

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Rocker Dongle, Samsung Rocker v1.34

  • Added following models: M3510C, S3600L, C3610, C3610C, M3200, M3200C, M3510, M3510L, I900, I5700, I8000, I8910

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Rocker Dongle, LG2G Rocker v1.45

  • Added EEPROM IMEI repair for S-Gold models
  • Added BT Address repair for S-Gold models
  • Added Factory reset
  • Added 13 new models: KP505, GS290n, GS290nGo, GS500g, GM360, GM360i, GM360Go, GM600, GT350, GT350i, GT350Go, TE365f, GT365Go
  • Fixed Code Reading bug with GB220x, GU220x, GU230x

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Samsung Rocker v1.32 BETA

  • Added support for:
  • E1100T, E1105T, E1107, E1125, E1125W
  • B3310(flash only)
  • Added coderead(included unfreeze) option for:
  • B130, B130L, B2100, B270i, C270, C276, C276L, C417, C450,
  • CC01i, D500, D500E, D508, D510, D600, D600E, D606, D610, -->>

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Rocker Dongle, LG2G Rocker v1.44

  • Whats new: - Added Samsung E1151 unlock codes reader - World First
  • Added correct key sentence for Infineon based Samsung phones
  • Fixed booting for few Voice3 based LG phones (GSxx)
  • Added support for new flash chips
  • Samsung E1151 requires E210 RJ45 cable (serial). Phone must be powered off.

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