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MTB NK v2.37.3

  • SL3 USB read support for RapuYama phones
  • How to read phone using USB cable:
  • Power on the phone
  • Connect USB cable to phone
  • Select OVI suite or PC suite mode
  • Please wait to driver installation finish
  • Select USB mode in MTB NK software
  • Press Phone info button
  • If communication is ok, go to SL3 BForce tab
  • Press Read button

Download MT-BOX Nokia 2.37.3

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MTB NK v2.37.2

  • RPL fix for small lock definitions
  • RAP3v4 SL phones unlock supported via server or LBF:
  • 3710a-1 (RM-509)
  • 3710a-1b (RM-510)
  • 3711a-1 (RM-511)
  • 6303ci (RM-638)
  • 7230 (RM-604)
  • X3-00 (RM-540)
  • X5-01 (RM-627)
  • USB read for SL3 phones will be ready for 1-3 days.

Download MT-BOX Nokia 2.37.2

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MT Box Local Brute Force Shell v0.3

  • Support for HashCat LBF software
  • Now supports both LBF software ighashgpu and HashCat
  • Supports ATI 6xxx cards, Dual GPU cards, Nvidia cards etc)
  • Support for LBF under Windows 32, Windows 64, Linux 32 and Linux 64
  • Support for start, stop and resume LBF job
  • Support to add more jobs in queue. So you don’t need to be with PC all the time to add new jobs.
  • When one job done next will be automatically started.
  • You can remove jobs from queue in single click
  • Can create LBF job list, and load it at any time

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MTB NK v2.37.1

  • FBUS flashing fixed for RAP3 phones with original flashing algorithm
  • SL20 RPL fixed for rapido phones

Download MT-BOX Nokia 2.37.1

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MTB NK v2.37

  • SL3 unlock support extended with many new models. Phone hash does not important anymore.
  • Backup and restore certificates over USB added
  • Price for unlock is 50 MT Box credits for all models.
  • Unlock for all phones is supported using FBUS only.
  • There is a list of all supported models with MT Box:
  • 2690 – RM-635
  • 2700c, 2700c-2 – RM-561
  • 2730c-1, 2730c – RM-578
  • 2730c-1b – RM-579 -->>

Download MT-BOX Nokia 2.37

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MT Tool v3.21

  • Fixed bug " Can\'t Connect to Server.123 "

Download MT-BOX Nokia 3.21

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MTBox CG Ver 1.4

  • Nokia NaviFirm (Nokia FW downloader) added for free for All MTBox Users

Download MT-BOX Nokia 1.4

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MTB NK v2.36.4

  • Fixed RPL support for ‘New Generation’ loaders ( Rapido and Rapu Yama phones)

Download MT-BOX Nokia 2.36.4

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MTB NK v2.36.3

  • SL3 RPL service started. Repair bad imei 123456789xxxxxxxx on all SL3 phones now is available. The phone will be restored to its factory state.
  • Automatically add installed data packages to models list, even if not existing in phoenix.ini ( will not show phone public name ).
  • Refined search for model ( bug when search for RM-5 and it find RM-540 instead ). It still does it wrong if one types \'RM-5\' in combo and press \'Enter\'. This can\'t be fixed as it is automatically done by Windows. But if after typing \'RM-5\' one presses \'Down arrow\' MT will use different search algorithm and correctly find 2300.
  • Added support for Life Timer reset on new models (x2, x3-02...)
  • Note: in order for the changes to take effect, phone needs to be restarted after operation, of factory default settings to be executed.
  • Improved \'Update\' button in SL3 BForce compute. Now will show already computed codes (unlocked).
  • Added common folder for Dynamic Camera config. Some users don\'t install full versions of flash, so they can\'t configure the camera after flash. To solve this, MT will look for support files in product folder, if it doesn\'t find, it will also look in \'camconfig\' folder, where a collection of camera configuration files is stored.
  • Download MT tool v3.20

Download MT-BOX Nokia 2.36.3

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MTB NK v2.36.1

  • SL20 RPL procedure fixed
  • RAP3 SL3 read fixed
  • Added detect whether TX2 line was connected when rebuilding Certificates ( RPL write)
  • Increased Erase timeout, hoping to solve problems with 6303ci flash over USB

Download MT-BOX Nokia 2.36.1

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